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I have been certified as a spiritual director through Still Harbor and am a member of Spiritual Directors International.  I am a lover of the Earth who does her best to follow Christ and Buddha.  I cherish my Christian, Buddhist, and earth-serving communities. 

I am an interculturalist by education and a mother of boys.  My interest for all who I accompany is that they follow however Spirit is calling to them, with whatever names that resonate as true for them.  

Interviewed by MysticMag.png

"Diane has such a gentle but probing way of leading the conversation about call and spiritual experience. Her responses are deeply respectful and full of insight. I believe her spiritual streams from Buddhism, to Christianity, to Native traditions...allow her to listen with great patience and bring to bear potent traditions and a fertile imagination. She asks deep questions -- questions that will help you discern your call."   K.H.

“As a spiritual companion, Diane’s presence, deep listening and on point questions helped to lift a veil that allowed me to experience myself and my choices with more clarity. After each session I felt deeply seen, heard and nourished and had greater clarity for moving forward.”     B.N.

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